Monday, August 16, 2010


they are making the hobbit the movie. peter jackson is directing it. they are making two parts. these 3 facts make me incredibly happy. the only bad thing is i have to wait until i graduate to watch it cause it doesn't release until December 2012.

how did i not know about this earlier?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i did learn something from girls camp.

i learned to hate crafts.

girls camp ruined any kind of love i could have had for crafts. we were always forced to make the ugliest most useless crafts ever.

1. we had to sew a little pillow and would put pins on them according to young womens value things we signed off at camp. why would i want a pillow full of pins?
2. we had to make/paint bird houses and put bird food in them to take them home. mine definitely stayed at camp aeries to feed the birds there.
3. we had to make this "really cool" recipe book that stood on the counter and you could just flip through the rings to find the 3x5 card needed. why would i want to take space up under my bed for a 3x5 flip book that didn't have any writing on it? i didn't even finish making it.
4. the one good craft we made were rain sticks. mine was so cool looking all painted artsy splotchy. my friends and i definitely found uses for those when we danced around the fire doing our choreographed rain dance so the rain would get us out of doing more crafts.

In all actuality i would like to make cute things to go in my house or make some cute headband or skirt. but when a sign up goes around relief society and it has the word craft up on the top in that cursivey-cutesy font, i automatically pass it on.

So instead of going with all of the girls in jake's family (aunts and cousins) to the craft fair at bear lake, I am the only girl that stays back and goes mountain biking with the husbands. is there something wrong with that?

if there is i blame girls camp.

(this thought was sparked by a conversation with kringphil, formerly k.ringer.)

Monday, August 2, 2010


i didn't post that last one to brag. i posted it cause it made me feel really bad. to the point that when i took my next test i was a little relieved when i got an average score rather than a high one so people would step off.