Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm Back! And with a Boy!

So I have decided it's time to come back to the blogging world. But for a good reason. Jake and I are having a baby! A cute little boy to be exact, and we are so excited! We got to see him for the first time yesterday and thought it would be fun to let you see.

Here he is!

Apparently he doesn't like to be bothered...

Here is a cute profile of him with his hand near his mouth.

I loved this shot. He's already got a great looking brain. Maybe he will have a "photographic memory" like his dad. (Jake likes to think he does anyways)

For all of you who keep asking for a photo of me, and although I feel very strange taking these profile shots, here it is. When I took this I thought I was 19 1/2 weeks, but after the Dr's visit apparently I am only 17 1/2 weeks. Bummer. But actually it is great news for me because I will probably be able to finish my entire last semester Physical Therapy internship before he is born. That way I will be able to graduate on time! My new due date is December 3 and my clinical rotation will end around November 16 because I will be starting it a week early. Hopefully I can keep going strong until then!

Here are the names we like best and semi-favorite order: Bentley, McKay, Tyler, and Mason. Feel free to comment on them or give suggestions!