Friday, April 30, 2010

90 years and still kickin'

dedication: grandma and grandpa sharp
why: because i love them, they are funny, and they are now both 90

so i get this text from my little sister last night: Grandpa just said the d word hahahahaha
I laughed loudly in our new (and bigger and happier) apartment and asked why.
she replied: He was sick of the airline procedures like going through the body scanner things and when he was walking away he said 'i don't know why i have to go through all this dang (but swearing) stuff.'

I tell you this only because I feel like on your 90th birthday (which it was exactly), after holding your tongue for so long you should be able to finally swear in front of your grandchildren.

Last week I spent the morning at grandma and grandpa's house going through their old photo albums and listened to their stories about growing up. here are some of my favorites:

-how much my grandma prides herself in being the tallest and the fastest girl growing up. now she's the shortest but she still is the fastest.
-my grandpa on his mission went to church services in a rented out mortuary and they thought it would be good to increase their numbers by bringing out all the cadavers in the back and setting them up in the seats
-when my grandma pushed her cousin down into the cellar after he made fun of her and told him she'd give him a beating if he did it again.
the best parts of the party: 
1. grandpa blowing out the candles before the song "Happy Birthday" was even half over
2. Blowing all the candles out with one breath except one
thanks for everything grandma and grandpa sharp

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BYU in review

It's hard to believe that BYU is now a thing of the past for me.
It has been three unforgettable years.
and this is why:
becoming besties with Millie the first night
Being on the BYU women's rugby team (and getting concussions)
Winning the "coolest costume" at our ward party
Trying to look like our carvings
Finding the travelling shoes that magically fit us all: Sole Sisters
Finding a new love for public transportation
                      Witnessing magic in Disneyland                                   Meeting Minnie

Having adventures in Michigan
Being forced to participate in the Gallon Challenge.
They said because I was the most manly?
Wearing ugly sweaters to school almost every day in December
 Having snowshoeing hot tub night adventures
80's dancing craze (this photo doesn't do it justice)
Having cultural festivities for Shauna's birthday
Going to Hari Krishna like every other BYU student
Showing Jake the red rocks of Escalante
Being with Jake after he got home
Going to Africa
Getting engaged

Getting Married

Teaching Jake how to snowboard
Going on adventures
 and having fun

BYU has given me some good memories, but so have really good friends. Thanks everyone.

Monday, April 19, 2010

say goodbye.

So last night when Jake and I were getting ready for bed we came upon the problem of our toilet not being able to flush. (which is weird, because that toilet has had the best man power i've ever seen. plus we didn't do anything to clog it). We finally had to open up the plunger package that we bought from bed bath and beyond like 8 months ago and jake started plunging.
not only did the plunging not unclog the toilet at all but whenever he would plunge dirty water would start to rise in the bathtub.
after like 10 minutes of doing this we get a knock on our front door and it's the couple that lives below us. they were wondering what all the noise was and were wondering why a stream of dirty water would leak through their ceiling every time the noise (plunging) was going on.
then our next door neighbors piped out their door that dirty water has been coming up their tub for the past hour.
so we call our landlords, they tell us they have a plumber ready to come out in the morning. and then today i get this email:

Dear Tennants
The problem was that there was a clog in the main waterline.  The toilet in 47 had to be pulled in order for the plumber to unclog the main waterline. The toilets in 47, 49 and 55 all had to have new wax seals put on. The 45 and 57 units will have their floor looked at sometime later today by a restoration company and sometime later this week after the ceiling has dried out we will have a contractor come out and replace/repair the drywall that was effected.

can I just say how good it feels to say goodbye to this apartment in a week and a half?
No more broken toilets
No more weird dust that gives me tonsil stones
No more mice
No more frozen pipes
No more paper thin walls
yes. saying goodbye never felt better. yet the experience was pretty fun.

Friday, April 16, 2010

a tribute.

Once again the women's cougar rugby team is the best in Utah.
Once again they make it to the ncaa tournament.
And once again they get jipped out of a championship.
First we had to be approved to play in the ncaa tournament, then we had to show them we were good and deserved a good seed. And now, after making it to the final 4 and being promised by USA rugby that the tournament would be changed to friday/saturday play, that promise was broken.
The championship has been taken from women's cougar rugby again.

Here is my tribute to my love for rugby. And for my loathing of stupid people in USA rugby.
One day we will take it.

Sorry I don't know how to make the movie uploaded. but watch it anyways: Here Comes the Boom

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

questions of the day.

deep question of the day: why does every girl on BYU campus find it necessary to wear annoyingly cute flowers in their hair every day?

deeper question of the day: why do i look at some of those cute flowers and wish i had one like it?

deepest question of the day: why do I occasionally find myself wearing a flower in my hair just like every other girl in provo?

Friday, April 9, 2010


yesterday amidst all I did, I came to many realizations. here are a few of them:

-i want to live on pandora

-i will be a scientist of exercise exactly two weeks from today

-it is really hard to have motivation to keep running when your ipod dies during your favorite song and your meniscus is hurting with every step.

-my ipod has come to her last leg. you had a good life mind pod.

-when you are talking with a hispanic man who seems to have a spanish accent, don't start talking to him in spanish. he might not speak it or he will tell you he doesn't just to make you feel ignorant. which might be the right thing to do...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

who needs creativity?

I have given in. After being married almost 8 months I think I am the only wife in provo that has held out that long. I feel good about that. But now the time has come to put aside my inferior feelings of lacking artistic talent, creativity, and meaningful thoughts. The blogging has begun.
I will try my very hardest to not sound like the blog: seriously, so blessed. it will be hard, but i think i can manage.

Here it is: Deep Thoughts by Jake and Mindy.
I hope you enjoy

disclaimer #1: We will have kids in the future, so when that time comes I might have to act more cutesy and motherly. I'm not sure though.
disclaimer #2: Don't worry, that won't be any time soon.