Monday, November 22, 2010


Whitney is teaching a man, Hussein, on her mission in Norway. He can hardly speak english or norwegian so he can only understand a little bit when the missionaries teach him. But he loves the gospel because of the spirit he feels when he is at church and when he reads the book of mormon. He makes me want to be a better person. A much better person. Here is a part of whitney's letter that was sent to me:

He has lost his family because of his belief in Jesus Christ, he has heart problems because of it and has to have an operation where he only has a 50/50 chance of living through it. He was willing to put his opperation on hold even if he loses his life in the process of waiting because he wanted to be baptized first. He gave up smoking and drugs and coffee and tea the first day we talked about them and hasn't done them since. He travels 1.5 hours every time he comes to the church which is several times a week and he can hardly even understand anything of what is being said. He sits through hours of church that he doesn't even understand. He takes his book of mormon with him everywhere he goes and he reads every chance he gets. He reads an hour every night before he studies for his classes and always prays morning and night.He has given everything he possibly can, the only thing left he has to give is his life and he has put that on the line too.

Without even knowing him, He is a great example to me of sacrificing anything he has to for the gospel. i hope i can live up to his standards of determination.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i'm in a predicament.

my class finally got our list of clinical locations for the first semester of internships. seeing as almost every person in my class (about 30 of the 40 students) are married men with or without children, they are all wanting to stay in utah for these rotations. so i get these great choice:

1. fight all of these men to try and stay in utah for my clinicals so jake can still go to school
2. make jake take school off for 4 semesters while i hop around from state to state doing my clinicals
3. hope to get a location in utah but when i don't live away from jake for 8-15 weeks at a time while he still goes to school and works

please help.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the gimp and the sick

having an ankle that could possibly be broken and a husband with the flu, i can officially say that yesterday was the dirtiest our apartment has ever been and the most sparse our refrigerator has ever been.
and neither of us cared because we couldn't do anything about it.
however, after going to the doctor and discovering my ankle was only sprained, it suddenly became a necessity to limp my way through the grocery store to get some gatorade for jake (cause that's what his mom always got him when he was sick) and some toilet paper. now we don't have to keep using paper towels.
oh, the joys of charmin ultra soft.

Friday, November 5, 2010

National Student Conclave

This halloween was a little different than i expected it to be. Not only did i not dress up on halloween, but i paid 200 dollars to leave jake in Utah for the halloween weekend while I went to the east coast. Cruel you say? if it had been jake leaving me over halloween i would agree, but he was really cool with it so i got to go with my some classmates to a national conference for the weekend. conference...not very fun (except i decided i want to specialize to be a hand therapist). philly....very fun.

no i have never been to a byu womens conference, but i feel like after this weekend i know what it would be like. there were probably 10 guys out of the 1000 students there and 4 of them were from our class. so many women.
This is us with the president of the American Physical Therapy Association. I guess it's kind of a big deal. but I'm bored already with these pictures so i will show you Philadelphia instead. 

Of course being with 4 boys and myself we had to go see the rocky statue. it's amazing how every single person taking a picture by him always seems to do the same pose.what a coincidence.

After missing our bus to Manhattan we decided to console ourselves with a philly cheesesteak at Geno's. Apparently it's the best place to get them.
and i'm not gonna lie. for not being a fan of a huge sandwich full of just meat and a little cheese, those were extremely good.

being the detective that i am, i'm pretty sure i came across the train station where they filmed My Best Friend's Wedding. i'm pretty good. ok so maybe after googling it i found out it was filmed at the Chicago Union Station. but they still look the same.
George Washington and i have stood on the same ground.