Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baby Mckay

It's funny how I thought right when we had our little guy I would be much better at updating this thing because I would have cute pictures and fun things to talk about... I guess it doesn't work that way for me, but I will keep trying. Well, we now have a cute, adorable, precious baby boy in our home with us and he is now almost 6 weeks old. That's crazy.

Anyways, some people have asked how the delivery went so I will talk about that a little bit. All in all it was a lot easier than I expected. Actually to the annoyance of many mothers I feel like the labor and delivery, nursing, staying up at night, and starting to exercise again has been a lot easier than I expected. But I give all the credit to Mckay because he is such a calm, easy baby.

The day he was born I started having labor pains around 6 in the morning and they came every 25 minutes or so. However, they only lasted about 20 seconds-ish and really just felt like I was having cramps. I kept sleeping until about 8:30 and would wake up a little every time they came but that's about it. Jake left for work and I told him the contractions were happening regularly so today was probably the day. He packed a bag quick before he left and i went about my day getting ready, cleaning the house, and studying. I called jake to come home at about 10:30 because the contractions were getting more painful and were 5-10 minutes apart (I would describe them like cramps times 10, but still not unbearable or causing tears or anything). We got to the hospital around noon. I had only had 1 contraction on our 25 minute drive over and was afraid they wouldn't admit us. I feel like they thought they wouldn't admit us either because I wasn't really in much pain between contractions when i checked in. However, I was dilated to a 6 at that point (is that too much info? sorry) and we got the last delivery room available. There was literally a line of women in labor waiting for a room. We were so lucky.

I ended up getting an epidural a lot earlier than I would have liked. The anesthesiologist came in and said he was super busy today and if he didn't give it now he wouldn't be back for at least 3 hours. That was kind of disappointing because I didn't feel like I was able to experience the "pains of labor" which I kind of wanted to at least for a bit. He gave me the lowest dose he could so I could still feel and move my legs and could kind of tell when I was having a contraction. Well about 3 hours after the epidural I started to deliver. There was one scary moment when I had a 4 minute long contraction which stressed out Mckay. His heart rate went down and they put me on oxygen. They acted like it wasn't a big deal but I knew it could easily go bad and I was worried. But we waited a few minutes and everything looked fine so we kept going. At 6:01 pm on November 28th, Mckay was born. It was so great to finally be able to meet him and hold him and it has been great ever since.

Now at 6 weeks old he is an awesome sleeper (5-6 hours before he wakes me up to eat), he loves laying on his tummy (if he is squirmy I lay him down either on a blanket or the boppy and he will hang out for about 10 minutes by himself and longer if I am playing with him), he loves baths but seems kind of confused about what's going on, he is smiling a lot lately, and loves playing and dancing with his dad (gangnam style, much to my dismay). He is growing up so fast. Today I put him down for a nap on a blanket unswaddled (silly me) and was in another room cleaning when I heard him crying and went in to find him off the blanket and onto his stomach. I don't really know how that happened because I know he isn't rolling yet. My best guess is a noise scared him and his fast moving arms propelled him off the blanket. haha. He seemed very traumatized, but it was quite funny.
It has really been so rewarding and fun having him in our home and our family, we are so blessed to have a beautiful, healthy, happy baby.

Here are some of my favorite pictures over the past 6 weeks. The quality of some of them is quite poor due to our ipod camera. Sorry!
This is about an hour after he was born. 
It's funny how unlike himself he looked the first few days after he was born. This picture is so funny

Here are some bath pictures taken a few weeks ago

 Mckay's 1st Christmas in a 3 month size Santa suit that is much too large on him

And here are some random photos I love. The left was when he was about 2.5 weeks old and looking very angry and very alien-ish. He has been smiling a lot more now and I love it, he even poses for pictures. 
Here is my life the past 6 weeks. Hanging out with this cute guy at home and taking pictures all day.