Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I do love him.

how rude of me. 
i failed to be the wifey homemaker blogger that i am and announce to the blogging community how much i LOVE jake 
how the past year, one month, nine days, and 12 hours have been the best of my life 
how we have been sErIoUsLy So bLeSsEd this past year
it's all because two people fell in love 
that we are looking forward to many wonderful years to come.

All blog joking aside, being married has been great. yes, i realize that i fail to blog about how much i love my husband, and i hate more then ever having to answer the dry question "how is married life." so i apologize that i am not that type to gush my heart and soul onto my blog and i apologize if you were ever one of the victims of my heartless answer to that heartless question.

To get the facts straight: I love being married. I love that all my wishes on shooting stars and on 11:11 for 3 years straight finally came true and now i can never think of anything to wish for on the spot. I love how much jake talks in his sleep and i write down his funny sayings so i can tell him about it in the morning. I love that i have taught him how to snowboard and he has taught me how to mountain bike. I love that I am actually cooking every night of the week and enjoying it. I love asking him over dinner what the best and worst parts of his day were. I love being married. I would recommend it to anyone. who is in love. It was the best decision I ever made.

However Jake might have different opinions. In fact let me quote one of his only facebook status updates of the year: "hey if you are thinking about getting married, don't. cause when you leave facebook to go to the bathroom, then your spouse defiles your facebook status."

Monday, September 20, 2010

hp overload.

what is it with everybody attacking me with the fact that they have gone to harry potter land and i haven't? doesn't having dreams about me dating al dumbledore count for something? or that i have spent the last week trying to decide what my horcrux would be? am i not worthy to attend hp land because i can't think of an item i love/hate so much as to condemn it by putting my ripped soul into it? i know, my life is full of so many questions.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

week of bliss, ewoks, and ents.

who says you cant fit a whole summer break into one week? because our wonderful school and work schedules a week is all we had this summer. But don't you worry, we found ourselves in many adventures.

the first weekend we again went to st george (we went there in like april for a weekend as well), but this time I knew how to mountain bike so that was our sole purpose of going.

the following week was spent sleeping in, exercising, hiking (with millie), reading, and cooking while jake went to school. yes i do admit i read 5 books during that time, 3 of them being the hunger games books. (i thought the first was pretty good but i was thoroughly disappointed by the others).

then on thursday off to oregon we went. the first time for both of us, and unlike the hunger games books i was not disappointed one bit.

the drive was totally worth it. because we got to listen to harry potter. and see this. and go mountain biking on the #1 trail in the nation. riding on the 26.5 miles, crossing 15 bridges, passing 3 waterfalls, crystal blue pool, 4 lakes, and lava rocks covered in a thick layer of moss got me to decide we were either in endor or fangorn forest. because of my limited star wars knowledge and my greater than average lotr knowledge i couldn't decide if i was going to see ewoks poking their heads behind the trees or seeing the trees walk around. but it was definitely one of the two.

 i still don't understand how a pool can be this blue. 
or how a roaring river could be flowing away from it.
 who knew a bike seat could fall off? good thing we had this toilet paper to fashion a new one. 
too bad we still had 2 hours left of riding.
so after seeing it what's your vote?

star wars on endor?
 from here
or Lord of the Rings in Fangorn Forest?
from here