Thursday, April 28, 2011

time for a break.

We are now proud to say that we are done with finals (hopefully having good grades to show for it). In our 1 day so far off from school we have filled our time making pumpkin cookies, attempting to take them to the people Jake home teaches (me filling in for his lack of a companion), and (after getting stood up) playing Fifa on PS2. It has been wonderful. Especially when I scored the winning goal in TWO games.

I realized today, after watching African Cats and Jake's newfound dedication to the TV show Swamp People, that I have a very real fear of crocodiles. I don't know why i decided to share this. Maybe because it seems really strange that they scare me so badly, or maybe because it took me almost 22 years before i realized it.

Another thing we learned this week is how difficult it is to scrub tint glue off your car windows. Jake bought a car 2 years ago and we found out 2 days ago that it had tinting in the front windows that didn't pass safety. Because Jake still had to study for finals and my wonderful 3 week break had already begun, it fell upon me to scrub those windows with hot soapy water for an hour before all the dried glue decided to come off.

The break so far (besides the scrubbing) has been beautiful. And it will only get better when we go to Santa Cruz next week as we fill our time with biking, boardwalks, and Giants games.

Summer is here and weekend mountain biking trips are about to begin.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Working for Kaplan

Why you should work for Kaplan and tutor high school students on the ACT/SAT

1. You get paid $18/hr.
2. You make your own schedule (you get students to tutor and set up with them when you meet),
3. You tutor students that live in really BIG houses,
4. You can increase you literary knowledge by listening to books on tape as you drive to their houses.
5. You do better on your essays in school because you finally learn the rules to punctuation and grammar.
6. You might get awesome students that have their friends sit in on their tutoring sessions (that tell them the way to get a good score is never study and stay up really late the night before like they did), text while you are asking them questions, and fall asleep while they are reading out loud.

7. But the very best reason why you should work for Kaplan: You give me a $100 bonus for referring you. They are looking for tutor/teachers in the Salt Lake/Provo area. It really is an awesome part-time job! (Even with the awesome moments when your student falls asleep).

If you are interested let me know!