Monday, February 7, 2011

Pray for Hussain

I recently got an email from Whitney telling me a little bit more about her friend Hussain. I wanted to share more of his story with you.
(From Whitney's Email)

I got a phone call from my brother Hussain in Bergen who through his broken norwegian told me that he has a big problem. The norwegian government is searching for him to send him back to Afganistan. The police have already been to his apartment to try to take him but  he wasn't there and he hasn't gone home since. Every day I talk to him and say goodbye I never know if that will be the last time that I will get to talk to him or see him. 

We met with him a couple nights ago in the church and he had written a little bit of his story and translated it into norsk so we could read it. I would like to tell you just a little about his life. Ever since he was young his dad would always gather his family around and they would read out of the bible. His dad was a Christian and he didn't like to go to the mosque so he made his prayer house and would hold church there every sunday. His dad was killed by a man because of his belief in Christ. The same man who killed his father made up a story about how Hussain and his brother were actually the ones to kill his father so they had many people after them. Hussain's brother was killed but he was able to escape to Iran for a time. He tried to go back to his mother but as soon as he was back in Afghanistan he was told that people were looking for him to kill him. His friends eventually found out that his family had 2 bibles in their house and they all gathered together and stoned and killed hussain's mom and burned his house. 

By some miracle Hussain was able to get to Norway. He shared his story with the Norwegian government but they don't believe him and are sending him back. Ever since he came to Norway he has been searching for the truth. He has been searching for the Book of Mormon. He said if he had to he would give his life the same way his father did for his belief in Jesus Christ. After he talks about all these horrible things that have happened to him he says that he will spend the rest of his life praying for those Christians who are in his same situation and that he is so grateful that he was lucky enough to be able to find the truth. With everything he has gone through all he does in the end is thank God every day that he was able to find the church and the Book of Mormon that has changed his life. Then he ended his story with a simple sentence, "For all of those who read this, please pray for me, Thank you, Hussain"  He had tears streaming down his face as he told us about how he has no family in Afghanistan, all of his friends there hate him and will shoot him if they see him. He came to Norway and he found his new family in this church. He has finally found something worth living for and now he has to go back to Afghanistan. Back to nothing and most likely back to death.
I will never forget my brother Hussain who's faith is stronger than any I have ever seen. I don't know what else to
say except that I love him with all my heart. And please, anyone who reads this....please pray for Hussain.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Toilet explosion

So I got home from school today (needing to go to the bathroom very badly mind you) to find an explosion of water all over the bathroom floor, toilet seat, and into the shower. I called jake at work to see if he was the culprit behind this, but he had no idea what i was talking about.
After hearing clanking of tools on pipes on the floor above me as well as seeing wet rugs and towels draped outside their front door, being the great detective that I am, I figured they had some sort of flood.
However this is where my detective skills end. because our ceiling wasn't wet at all, and the water pattern that i came upon was definitely explosion-like and not leaky-ceiling-like.
Needless to say i quickly mopped it up (it didn't smell like anything gross), but i find myself going back every 10 minutes or so to see if the toilet decided to blow up again. So far so good.